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Welcome to pkhfiresafe.

We undertake fire risk assessments and fire safety training and would be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote to suit your business needs. The proprieter Pete Hince MIFireE, MIFSM, SIIRSM has served in the fire service for over 31 years; most of his career he spent in the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service. Whilst serving Pete has taken every opportunity to train in the skills required to carry out fire risk assessments, having been involved in risk assessments, as well as all aspects of fire safety for so long, Pete is well versed in all aspects of the previous fire safety legislation as well as the current legislation.

To ensure his knowledge base was complete and in-depth; Pete has attended the Fire Service College at Moreton in Marsh many times, undertaking fire safety courses to provide the underpinning knowledge required to carry out fire risk assessments. He specialised in risk assessment within the fire service, for many years.

Pete now has extensive knowledge of this complex and sometimes perplexing piece of business legislation.

Why would you need my help?

It is a legal requirement that businesses carry out a fire risk assessment to reduce the risk of fire and to provide a safe working environment for employees and other relevant people where there are five or more employees this should be recorded. pkhfiresafe can undertake this for you and provide you with a comprehensive report indicating actions that are recommended to achieve safe legal compliance.  It is important that if  any action in the form of notices or otherwise has been served against you and your premises by an enforcing authority then you need to act quickly to meet the needs of the notice to achieve legal compliance. To fail to do so may result in prosecution. pkhfiresafe can assist you with this.

Pete Hince is a trained Fire Safety Auditor and has completed PAS 79 fire risk assessor course. He has had responsibility for auditing licensing applications and also consulted on building regulation submissions and commenting within the RRO framework. He has audited and assessed many types of premises from hotels to nursing homes, house in multiple occupation, common areas of flats, mainly concentrating on premises with a higher life risk.

His background has also been in fire fighter safety which is governed by the Fire Services act 2004 section 7(2) d. This involved risk assessment of premises and businesses, so that should an incident occur then the fire crews attending it would be provided with information regarding the processes carried out and layout and construction and any associated hazards of the premises, the purpose of which is to enhance fire fighter safety. Should the worst happen and your premise is involved in a fire, the more accurate, detailed and complete information you can provide the fire service, the more chance there is of minimising the damage to your business.

Pete has been involved with dynamic risk assessment at operational incidents including fires, road traffic accidents, persons trapped in machinery and water related incidents. This experience means he is well grounded in identifying risks that a less well trained individual may miss.